Thursday, April 10, 2014

Don't Miss Out! 

Let's connect and BE the BODY of Christ to the WORLD! 

Join now to stay up-to-date with what FBC Austin is doing to engage the pressing problems of our community and the world: homelessness, hunger, trafficking, and more.

First Serve will be used to CONNECT you to service and volunteer mission opportunities happening at and throughFBC Austin. 

Learn, sign up, give, and grow! 

What does signing up for First Serve mean?

This email will serve as a way to grow, invite, and give.


What is FBC Austin doing this month to serve the homeless? What is homelessness? What about hunger? 

Obviously there are many needs in our world and a plethora of ways FBC engages those needs with a holistic approach. First Serve will be about educating and learning about those needs and how FBC is involved.


Have you ever wanted to bring your children and serve the homeless in some way? Are you interested in serving your community and working with your church? 

When the opportunities arise, you'll receive emails about possible places to volunteer and serve through the mission life of FBC.

This is great for long timers at FBC, but also newer families or individuals looking to sign up  to volunteer and serve.


Don't have time this month to help? Or maybe you do, but you want to support those who are helping in a different way. 

First Serve will connect you to mission campaigns, partners, missionaries, and goals so you can help FBC build a strong mission and ministry program. 

First Serve is ultimately about
Connect with your church and get out serve with your church! Get out and do, help, serve, and build hope in our 'hood!

W.H.O. Emphasis
The initial campaign of "First Serve" is simply about raising awareness for theWorld Hunger Offering. Three times a week from now until May 10th, the Missions Committee of FBC will be providing snippets about world hunger, ways FBC is engaging the issue, and small steps of engagement. 

If you've missed out, you can read some of the posts here and here.

Spread the word, connect others to this initiative and by May 10th, let us have raised awareness and support working together to end hunger. 


You MUST subscribe to the First Serve email to receive future emails about FBC Austin's mission and service information. 

Rev. Joe Bumbulis
Minister to Students and Missions
Missions and Ministry Committee
The First Baptist Church of Austin
901 Trinity Street
Austin, TX 78701  


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