Monday, August 25, 2014

Even though they can no longer attend worship, these individuals are still members of the church and look forward to cards and visits from the congregation.  Making a house call may feel intimidating, but it doesn’t require any special skills.  Call, make a date and just be present, for there is nothing like sharing the gift of our time with another person.   

Jerry Cochran Moore  

Jerry Moore was born in Trinity, Texas, a small town north of Huntsville where her grandmother owned a local motel and Dr. Pepper bottling plant.  She attended the University of Texas from 1944-1948 and was listed as Who’s Who at UT along with classmate Rooster Andrews.  While at UT, Jerry lived at Scottish Rite Dormitory and in 1944, helped organize the “Reinstate President Rainey” march on the capitol.   She tells stories of owning a 1939 Ford while in school and pooling gas “tickets” and money to fill it for trips to Barton Springs with girl friends.

In 1948, Jerry married Joe Moore, whom she’d met two years earlier at UBC.  After marriage and working various jobs, she completed her degree in Home Economics in 1957.  If you visit her, ask about the green jacket project that solidified her hatred for sewing. Jerry was employed as the first ever, career placement director for the business school at UT in 1960.  In 1966 when Charles Whitman was shooting from the UT tower, she remembers crawling out of her office and down the hall as windows of her building were being shot out by crossfire.   

Jerry’s favorite activities now, are watching classic movies and drinking Dr. Pepper.  Even though dementia has shaped the way she sees the world, Jerry still has plenty of stories to share and loves to chat.  If you’d like to visit with Jerry and hear more about her fascinating life, call her son Joe at 512-736-9222.


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