Friday, August 29, 2014

Hugh and Melba Matthews met at First Baptist Austin in 1947 while both students at UT.  They were fast friends, and dated until she left for a job with the Baptist Sunday School Board in Nashville, Tennessee in January of 1948.  Their romance continued long-distance until Melba met Paul, a handsome Tennessean later that Spring.  Both Melba and Paul felt a calling into ministry work and were married by Dr. Marney in December of 1948.  Together they had three daughters and moved all over for Paul’s various jobs as a church musician, earning him the nickname, “The Traveling Troubador.” 

After Hugh’s wife passed away in 1976, a mutual college friend mentioned to him that Melba was currently single and living in Athens, Georgia.

“This is a voice out of your past,” he said into the phone and the rest is history. 

Melba will never forget that call.  For the next few months, they traveled back and forth from Texas to Georgia visiting one another along with many, many phone calls.  One day, Hugh declared, “We should either break up or get married because this is costing too much.”

Hugh and Melba Matthews joined their families on July 7, 1977, two months before Mebla’s daughter’s wedding. That September, she and her younger daughter caravanned to Texas for the start of school and football season for Hugh’s son.  Melba laughed that not only did she inherit a son and a daughter but a live-in  mother-in-law as well.

The Matthews have been married for 37 years and currently reside at the Summit in Westlake if you would like to pay them a visit and hear more about life, love, the law and just how things work out, when you let them.


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