Tuesday, May 6, 2014

World Hunger Awareness Service Tomorrow

Our Wednesday, Midweek Mooring service at First Austin will be World Hunger Awareness Emphasis. We will gather together to have a simple meal. We are choosing to eat simply, so that others my simply live. We'll charge the full amount: $6 for the meal and all the proceeds beyond the cost of the food will go towards the World Hunger Offering.

Serving will begin at 5:30pm. 

The menu:
Pinto beans with with pork
Vegan black beans
Brown or white rice
Green salad
There will be ample food for all. 

Our guest speaker will be Katie Hargrove of Baylor University's Texas Hunger Initiative. She will teach us about hunger in Texas and how First Austin can get involved  in alleviating it. 

Come join your faith family around a simple meal so that others may have meals to gather around. 

Goodwill Clothing Drive Continues Through May 18 

What are those big blue and black bins in the hallways at church? 

They are collection bins loaned to us by Goodwill Industries

You can find a bin on every floor. Bring your gently-used clothing or items to church and place it in the bins. You can also donate other lightweight items that will fit in the bins, but please don't bring infant car seats or other items that cannot be resold by Goodwill. If we can fill enough bins, Goodwill will make a donation to ourWorld Hunger Offering. 


Would you like to make the 4th floor of First Baptist Church into an apartment for several homeless families? You can sign up online here.

If you have never participated in IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network, so named because several local churches and synagogues open their buildings and together house families), then there are several ways to learn about IHN.

Families with young children are welcome to serve! 

If you'd like to sign up to serve, contact Sarah Zeringue, szeringue@fbcaustin.org and let her know you are new and where you could serve. She can place new volunteers with experienced volunteers who can train you. Also, she can send you the First Baptist-specific volunteer guide. Finally, you can call or email Joe Bumbulis for more information in the church offices, jbumbulis@fbcaustin.org. 

There are five primary ways to serve:

Throughout the week:
1. Prepare and deliver dinner. There are usually 10-15 people staying at First Baptist. Dinner can be prepared off-site and delivered or prepared in FBC's kitchen. Dinner is usually dropped off by 5:30pm-6pm on Sunday through Saturday evening for the families to eat. 

2. Host. From 5:30-8:30pm: hang out upstairs with the families, serve and clean up dinner, play with children, watch a movie, just be present. 

3. Overnight. 8:30pm-6am. Spend the night in the host room. Prepare coffee and help the families get out of the door. 

Once during the week.

4. Move In. On Sunday, June 1st after worship, come up to the fourth floor and prepare the space. Move the families luggage up to the living area, move furniture, and get the space ready for families. Free lunch provided. 

5. Move out. 8am. The final Sunday, June 8th, come early to move the families' possession out of the space and put Sunday School furniture back for classes.


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