Thursday, May 1, 2014

Caritas. Justice & Charity.

"For now I ask no more Than the justice of eating."
- Pablo Neruda, 
Chilean Poet, Noble Prize Winner 

Is hunger a justice issue?  Does each of us have a basic human right to nourishment?  What can we do to help secure this basic right to our brothers and sisters here within our own community?  

In 1964, Father John McCabe realized that there was a need in the City of Austin to help connect people experiencing poverty and homelessness with public assistance.  That was the beginning of Caritas. Today, the Caritas Community Kitchen located at 611 Neches (just down the street from First Austin) provides free lunches -- no questions asked -- to 350 individuals and families per week.  And the Caritas Food Pantry provides enough take-home groceries to families in need to provide 43,000 meals per year. 

Our church has a long history of partnering with Caritas.  Caritas receives monthly funds from FBC's mission and ministry budget. Can you donate or volunteer - either individually as a group -- to help our neighbors realize the "justice of eating"?  

Find out more at:
-Brad Young,
Member of FBC Austin's
Mission and Ministry Committee


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