Friday, May 16, 2014

By Doug Keenan
One of the most important tasks in the body of Christ is the commitment to teaching. Each week dedicated individuals share their gift of teaching, a dedication to preparation, and a thirst for knowledge and spiritual awareness with members of their class. This commitment is a reflection of their love for God and for the members of their class or small group.

Whether you teach on a regular basis, as a substitute or as a rotating discussion leader; if you teach children, youth or adults; if you see yourself as a facilitator, lecturer, or just sharing your experience, we want to recognize your leadership.

On Sunday, June 1, we want to honor all of those dedicated and gifted volunteers. When you make your way to class that morning stop by the coffee area downstairs for pastry or finger food. As you enjoy the snack take a moment to write a card of appreciation to your teacher and place in the basket nearby. Later these cards will be moved upstairs for all to read as we recognize these teachers during the worship service. Flowers will be given that Sunday in honor of all teachers.

Hopefully we say "thank you" often, but this special day will serve as a reminder for our classes and small groups to find new and creative ways to show appreciation.

Here are a few suggestions:  

1.     Each class member can send a thank you card,

2.     Classes can go together to take your teacher(s) to lunch, buy a gift, or gift card, or send flowers,

3.     Do something special that relates to your teacher's hobbies or interests,

4.     Mow the lawn, wash the car, bake a cake; Find other ways to let them know you appreciate them and think they are special,

5.     Be creative. You don't have to spend money to say thank you,

6.     Parents, talk to your youth and children about "Teacher Appreciation Day." Encourage them to find a way to do something for their teachers.

7.     Be present in Sunday School and Worship on June 1 to help us show appreciation to all the teachers


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