Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Foundation Communities, Capital Studios Blessing!

This SUNDAY, May 4th, you are invited to write a prayer, blessing, or word for our neighbors who will live across the street at 11th & Trinity. This past Advent we raised over $33,000 to help furnishCapital Studios. Because of the amount FBC raised, Foundation Communities has invited us to come pray over and bless their new property at 11th & Trinity.

During the First Sunday event (9:30am-10:50am), while you are listening to the Stapletones and enjoying breakfast tacos, visit the table set up by the Missions' Committee in order to write a blessing to be placed in the structure of Capital Studios. After worship, a small group of people will walk over to Capital Studios to place your written prayers into the framework of the building.

This is a creative way to continue to develop our relationship and ministry to these new neighbors before they move in! You've already blessed them by raising money to furnish their home, now come inscribe a blessing into their lives! 



*To tour or walk over to Capital Studios, you MUST wear closed-toed shoes*

9:30am-10:50am - You are invited to walk over and meet FC (Foundation Community) staff in order to see Capital Studios. CLOSED TOED shoes are necessary.

9:30am-10:50am - Write a prayer or blessing on a sticky note to be placed in the framework of Capital Studios (table will be located on the plaza of FBC during First Sunday).

RSVP with Joe to walk over to Capital Studios for a short (30 minute) ceremony to bless Capital Studios and place people's prayers and blessings into the walls of the building. FC's executive director, Walter Moreau will welcome us and Dr. Roger Paynter will conclude our time of blessing.

The number of participants for the blessing is limited to how many hard hats FC owns. Please let Joe Bumbulis (jbumbulis@fbcaustin.orgknow if you'd like to walk over after worship to pray and bless (as well as place prayers written by members of FBC) the new residents. 

More information will be available on the morning of May 4th during the First Sunday event. Following worship, a small group of people (no more than 20) will walk over to Capital Studios for a short ceremony to bless the property and place the written prayers of FBC into the walls of the building. 


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