Friday, October 24, 2014

Bill and Eleanor Bollick met at seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  Actually, she was attending the WMU training school next door although at times the women shared classes at the seminary.  Bill said the sidewalk connecting the two buildings was jokingly named the "Pathway of Decision," since it brought the men and women together

He and Eleanor met in a class.  "I always said she came in and sat in my lap because they were the old fashioned kind of desks that were connected and she sat right in front of me." 

At this point, I looked over to see the grimace on Eleanor's face so I asked her what was
wrong.  She confessed to never really liking that version of their meeting and that she wished he would quit saying that she sat in his lap because she didn't. 

We all laughed and then they told me about marrying in 1948 and how he was the pastor at First Baptist Laredo for twenty-one years while she was a schoolteacher.

They are the proud parents of three sons who have all worked in ministry.  Having been a minister in a more depressed economy and area, Bill feels that it is very important not to lose sight of anyone, anywhere, who needs help.

After retirement, the Bollicks moved to Sun City, Georgetown where Bill was instrumental in starting a non-denominational church which now has over 1000 members and I can see why.  Sitting there talking with them, I felt right at home.  Bill reminded me of the Southern Baptist ministers of my childhood, a kind gentlemen who lived to serve with a heart for God and his people.

As a parting thought, I asked them how they'd made it through 66 years of marriage, to which Bill replied, "You just do it one day at a time."

So true, for so many things.


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