Sunday, September 28, 2014

Doris “Dolly” Hunley was born four miles just the other side of Manor, Texas.  She attended Manor schools and when she graduated as salutatorian of her class, her parents offered to borrow money for college but she said, “No,” that she would go to business school and learn to type and take shorthand and go to work.

Her mother was working at the Capitol for a senator so she asked him to help her daughter find a job.  He sent Dolly to the DPS where she caught the eye of the Manager of the the Highway Patrol.  She became his secretary and as part of her training was taught to use the switchboard.  Dolly liked the switchboard so much that she took over that position and at age sixty-five when she announced her retirement, they begged her to stay.

Dolly and her husband enjoyed being together after her retirement.  They’d met in business school.  A mutual friend had told Dolly that “Edgar” was going to ask her out to which Dolly replied, “Which one is he?”  She admits that Ed didn’t impress her at first, but he grew on her the more time they shared.  After their marriage, they joined FBC Austin and until his death (at which point they had been married for 70 years), both remained members.

Although wheel chair bound and ninety-six years old now, Dolly is a spunky conversationalist with a sparkling wit who is thrilled to have company anytime.


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