Sunday, June 19, 2011

Divisive sanctuary cities legislation that would erode trust of the police in our communities and endanger public safety.

HB 9 - Sanctuary Cities Bill
HB 10 - Relating to procedures for determining immigration status after arrest.
HB 11 - Secure Communities Program
SB 9 - Sanctuary Cities Bill (Senate Version)

Monday, June 20, 2011 the House State Affairs Committee will meet upon adjournment of the House in room 140 of the John H. Reagan building which is located at 105 W. 15th St., Austin, TX, 78701. The hearing will include HB 9, HB 10 & HB 11 as well as SB 9. We have been told there are some changes to HB 9 but will not know until closer to the hearing.

The House convenes at 2:00pm on Monday, June 20th and the hearing will not begin prior to 2:00. At this time it is difficult to determine how long the entire house will be in session and when the hearing will actually start. Please be prepared for a long evening.

There will be a briefing hosted by fellow advocacy organizations at 11:00am in room E1.020 of the Capitol in order to update pastors and other advocates with the latest information about the bills. Please plan to attend this briefing if at all possible.

Immediately following the briefing, there will be time to make office visits to speak directly to House members and their staff. If you cannot come in person, you can still make your voice heard by calling your elected officials and the Governors office.

Monday will be the most critical moment in this debate during the special sessionand it has become clear that the voices of Hispanic evangelicals are having a major impact. The CLC is ready to host and help anyone who comes to Austin on Monday. Thanks to each one of you for your dedication to your communities and our state.


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