Thursday, October 14, 2010

Greg Garrett reminded us at Midweek Moorings that heroes are different from celebrities by the choices they make: one seeks fame while the other is motivated to serve. Heroes are willing to get involved in the battle of good and evil. The characters in the story can determine their destiny by choosing the good. It is Harry's choices, in spite of similar circumstances, that separate him from those seeking celebrity status and from the evil of Lord Voldemort. But the indivdual decisions can be altered because J.K. Rowling offers hope for all in the redemptive theme running throughout the Harry Potter series.

Garrett finishes his three part series on themes represented in the Potter series on October 27.

Garrett will be available at Book People on October 16 at 5pm to sign copies of his newest book:  One Fine Potion:  The Literary Magic of Harry Potter.


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