Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't miss Steve Mines as he talks on incarnation and justice this Wednesday at 6:15p.m. in Fellowship Hall.

Steve Mines grew up in Argentina, the son of English-speaking parents (Margie and Don Mines).  His first experience with translation was in an advanced high school Spanish literature class, where his teacher, a professional English translator, assigned passages from a Sydney Sheldon book for translation.  

 Steve attended college in the United States, became a journalist in Asia, and took graduate studies in France.  There  he escorted a group of Koreans who were studying the possibility of purchasing high-speed trains. Steve didn’t speak Korean, but the Koreans spoke English, and Steve discovered how much he enjoyed being the language bridge. 

In later years, Steve worked for the State Department, studied law, and passed the court interpreter exam.  His current translating specialties include:  Business and consumer law, Civil and criminal law, Economics, Environmental sciences, Human resources, Intellectual property law, International affairs, International law administration, Public administration, Transcripts.


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