Monday, July 26, 2010

On Wednesday, July 7, members of FBC all over Austin (and beyond) met in homes with other FBCers in their general part of town to eat dinner and meet new people.

Here were some comments the next day on Facebook:

  • “We made 5 new friends!”
  • “It was great! Great conversation and great food! I say let’s all get together again.”
  • “Dinner out on Wednesday with our church friends wasgreat! Good Idea!”

And those comments were all un-elicited! Thanks to the hard work of promotion and organization by the Discipleship Committee, chaired by Genie Norris, over 110 members of FBC’s community met in nine homes from South Austin to Round Rock. Hosts opened up their homes and everyone brought something to eat. 

There was no scheduled discussion topic or required conversation. It was just dinner at a friend’s! Some groups played get to know you games where they discovered that Julie Latimer-Spears has been chased by a bull, and Belynda Montgomery once rode a donkey to school! Cam Scott, member of the Discipleship Committee reported that the five little boys who accompanied their parents to his home for dinner had fun exploring the backyard and trails behind his house.

People heard old-timey stories from John Guemple and Gloria McCullough and also received updates on summer trips taken by FBC groups including Prime Timers and the Youth.

Much thanks to FBC’s Discipleship Committee for helping make our big church a little smaller!


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