Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yes, we had a cake at Church Council in July. Yes, we had a cheesy Christian balloon. Yes we had a piñata.

But why?

It started on Facebook (what doesn’t?). Denise Hammett, Church Council Chair, started it by lamenting about getting through her upcoming week before her vacation started. Her list of things to do included “one meeting,” that all her FBC friends knew was church council. Then the following comments occurred in response to her post.

“Let’s make the meeting a party!” Roger Paynter
“Seriously, feel free to cancel church council!” Ann Pittman
“Extra seriously, ignore her.” Roger Paynter
“Nice try Ann.. OK Roger, you bring the cake and balloons b/c I’m partied out this
month.” Denise Hammett

Now, I don’t know how well you know our pastor, Rev. Dr. Roger
Paynter, but he’s a 7 (The Enthusiast)  on the Enneagram,  and I’ll be darned if the next day during Worship Planning he didn’t ask the staff where he should go to
buy balloons. And the next thing we knew, he and Pastoral Intern, Amy
Wiles, were off shopping at HEB on 7th street and the Quad was decorated
for Church Council.

So if you think that volunteering for committees and attending church
council meetings are boring, think again.


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