Thursday, February 18, 2016

January 29, 2016
By Jeff Huett
DECATUR, Ga. — As others scale back or focus exclusively on short-term missions, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is doubling down on its commitment to the long-term presence of field personnel around the world in a comprehensive restructuring plan for Global Missions announced Thursday.
CBF Global Missions Coordinator Steven Porter shared the comprehensive restructuring plan to the Governing Board on Thursday.
The new plan, the result of 18 months of work led by CBF’s 15-member Missions Council and including input from staff, field personnel, CBF state and regional leadership, and other stakeholders clarifies the vision of CBF Global Missions and addresses its present sustainability and future growth, while creating equity among its field personnel.
Under the current model, some field personnel raise a majority of their own support while others are funded primarily by CBF’s Offering for Global Missions. The new plan creates a sustainable funding model that consolidates all CBF field personnel under a single employment category with equitable funding.
The new model consists of three elements:


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