Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jim Stanford, First Austin's Facilities Manager, left for what he deemed a "Jesus mission," in early 2000.  He sold all of his possessions and moved to Hawaii after feeling that he needed to make changes in his life.  Once in Hawaii, he lived in a two-man tent on the beach until he met a man who allowed him to live in his beach shed.  Jim cut the grass and painted the building in exchange for his lodging.  Be sure and ask him more about this great adventure!

A graduate of Reagan High School, Jim was raised in Austin.  As a child, he thought often of being a park ranger. He has held many positions during his career, having even been a professional photographer.  Visiting Jerusalem in April of 2012 fulfilled another of his life dreams.

Jim says he finds his calling in "Fixing God's house."  Some of his favorite projects while at First Austin have been: replacing the fountain, updating all the bathrooms, installing a new, 280 ton chiller (brr!) and making the space around the tree a place for meditation complete with a nice bench for resting.  

He not only keeps our church building in working order and up to date, Jim also manages the maintenance for Still Waters where he and his wife live in the cottage on the property.  Next time you see Jim, be sure and thank him for all the time and effort he spends keeping our properties running smoothly!


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