Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dan Barrett

Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.  John 12:24

Have you been shaken to the earth from your safe and comfortable wheat stalk?

Moses, in righteous anger, strove to vindicate his fellow Israelite and committed murder. 

David, in lustful wandering, took another mans wife and covered it up in deceit and death. 

The Samaritan woman, cloaked in seclusion and shame, heard her darkest secrets revealed and identified. 

Peter, in fear and confusion, denied the Lord and fulfilled His prediction. 

Saul, filled with zeal and aggression, fell to the ground in darkness when confronted by The Presence. 

These distinct individuals had a comfortable and elevated place on their stalk of wheat, for the most part. Other than the woman from Samaria, the other gentlemen were not only in good standing but surely envied among their peers.  If their stalk of wheat had a pecking order, each man would have been near the top looking down from the heights and enjoying the perceived stability.

Moses, David, Ms. Samaria, Peter, Saul. 

Real people that were shaken from their stalk. Real people that knew God before being shaken. Five folks that, I believe, received a more full and real understanding of Gods grace and reality after their fall from the stalk.  Their lives changed and their futures transformed by Gods grace and purpose.

Moses, shaken to provide the fruit of deliverance to Gods people.

David, shaken to express the fruit of contrition and honest leadership to a nation.

Ms. Samaria, shaken to embrace the fruit of devotion and belief in the Messiah.

Peter, shaken to know the fruit of forgiveness and the demand for obedience.

Saul, shaken to live the fruit of faithfulness as he spread the Gospel across the early world.

And thanks to these five wheat kernels that fell from the stalk, God has transformed our understanding of The Almightys purpose and presence in our world.

These biblical stories reveal significant shaking and transformative fruit.  Our own shaking may be less severe, but our transformation is intended to be no less fruitful.

I was shaken from the stalk on a February morning, scribbling prayers and examining excuses in my own life. I was shaken right into the loving and adoring hands of our Creator, to experience the fruit of a life lived in faithful obedience. My eyes were opened, and I can still notice the difference.

Will you share your experience of being shaken from the stalk? If youve yet to experience this fall from the stalk, know theres a set of loving, adoring, and understanding hands ready for you. The Creator wants you to bear much fruit.

-     dan barrett


dan, his wife ginny and three kiddos (genevieve, roman, & sabine) seek to bear Kingdom fruit in south austin and are thankful to be involved in the First Austin family.


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