Friday, March 27, 2015

Pause to Consider


In your voice,
in your heart,
with all your presence,
you are invited to pray these words as your words.  This moment is for you and your relationship to the One we look to in these days of pause, reflection, focus, and waiting.


As I begin to pray, I envision the extent of history - of days gone by - and the path to God worn by the breadth and the depth of fellow Christians throughout time.
As I begin to approach God in this prayer, I take in the expansiveness and majesty that is God.  I honor the work of God’s hands - the tenderness - the presence - and the faithfulness.  I take in the peace - the rest - the calmed spirit.  I take in the moment of pause.

I come near to prayer with a whole heart seeking.  I aim for a clean unfettered heart with good humble intention that seeks out God in goodness and grace - not for show or personal gain.  I aim to be upright in a soft way - finding a softness of posture that offers a heart so strong in the seeking of God and so delicate it could cry in the overwhelming certainty, love, and beauty - a presence that allows for emotion and connection as I approach God in prayer.


I pray, teach me the way in which I should walk; for to You I lift up my soul.
Guide me in Your will, and lead me on level ground.  Please revive me - make me alive in You - vibrant in Spirit - awake - aware - aligned just right with Your presence and Your vision.  Help me to breathe again - new air - fresh.  Not of me - just You.


Even through days of distraction and busyness, will you commit to pauses that ground and center you and pauses that point you to God?

ginny barrett


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