Tuesday, February 17, 2015


They're ridiculous. 
When I was born and through most of college, they were just a "number sign," but now they've been renamed and forever tethered to the world of social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. 
How many of you make use of more than one of those social media outlets?
During this season of Lent, members of First Austin are contributing daily reflections under the hashtag #JourneyLent. Each day, a different contributor will offer a brief meditation, story or lesson on that days' biblical text. Our communications team will then work to blast these reflections to the church's social media outlets.
First, these meditations are for you and your own journey through Lent. Make these words from people in your faith community part of your daily practice as you seek spiritual growth.
Second, these meditations are to be shared with your online community. Repost them on your Facebook page, retweet through twitter and always use #JourneyLent.
The hope is that these reflections, coming from the hearts of those at First Austin will provide nourishment on our journey as we make our way towards the cross.


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