Thursday, November 7, 2013

By Robert Strickland  

Ethiopia and Uganda have stable governments. Both are landlocked. Both are surrounded by countries that are suffering from or recovering from recent conflict. Watch this video to learn about the recent influx of refugees into western Uganda fleeing from civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. How does it feel to be powerless in providing for the immediate needs of your children?

Pray for our UN aid workers as they serve as our ambassadors to provide immediate relief for the Congolese refugees.

We live in a broken world. In Kampala, Uganda, through our Cooperative Baptist Fellowship mission partners, Christ is working to reconcile the broken lives of refugees that make their way to that big city. Pray for Missy Ward Angalla and Jade and Shelah Acker, our CBF partners in Uganda, as they serve as Christ's ambassadors in this ministry of reconciliation.

Pray for our First Austin in East Africa team to prepare, strengthen and tenderize their hearts for this trip.



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