Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I’ve been reading about a children’s Bible teaching technique called Godly Play, and I thought I would share some of what I’ve been reading with you.

Hattie Montgmery, long-time teacher at First Austin 
Here are some beliefs I have about why we teach children Bible Stories. I believe that the power of the Living Word is in the telling of Bible stories. I believe that children can relate to these stories in meaningful ways wherever they are in their development.

Teachers are not the source of all the answers about what Bible stories mean. Children can encounter God through Bible stories, and we can help them learn to recognize God’s presence in their lives and where they personally fit into this ongoing story of faith.

Because we already base our Christian education on telling Bible stories, I think the technique of simply telling the Bible story and asking “I wonder” questions is a good match with the ways we are teaching our children at First Austin.

Dorothy Strickland, Minister to Children and their Families at First Austin


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