Saturday, March 30, 2013

On of the most joyous activities at First Austin is the flowering of the cross on Easter morning.  We bring flowers from our yards or from the store to decorate the cross in front of the church.  The cross has been bare and draped in black since Friday as a remembrance of the time between Jesus' death and his resurrection.

In spite of its function as a brutal form of execution, the cross stands at the center of our faith as a symbol of life.  The Apostle Paul speaks of the shame of the cross, while John portrays the cross as the principal sign of the glory of Christ, but both recognize that the cross is the source of life.  There can be no Easter without Good Friday, no Resurrection without the Crucifixion.  Indeed, the cross, rather than the empty tomb, has held the place of honor as the primary symbol of the Christian faith.  The flowering cross is found in Christian art as early as the sixth century and is based on a legend that says that the cross itself burst into bloom at the moment that Jesus died.   (Easter Customs).

The next most joyous activity is the taking of the pictures!  After worship, many families gather at the cross to take an annual Easter picture.  Be sure to bring your camera and your smile when you join us for the glorious celebration of Jesus' resurrection. (No hat required!)

He is risen.  He is risen indeed!


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