Friday, December 14, 2012

(written in response to the tragedy in Connecticut 12.14.12)

Amen and Amen

They will walk now
with their bodies forever leaning-
their balance
their imagined worlds
tilted and spun
to a lunatic axis.
They will wake every agonized morning
to an unanswerable
shattering their lives
over and over.
They will clutch to their breasts
every scrap
of left-behind life
and sob and curse and wail and pray
for this please oh please not to have happened,
for one more chance,
for what might have been.
They will
be the same.
Yet in their brokenness today,
and in the worse days yet to come,
they will be held together
by love
more fierce than any violence,
by grace
more deep than any wound.
They will not recognize it now,
or maybe even want it,
this loveandgrace,
in their tilted and shattered world,
but it will be there,
standing in strong and holy vigil with them.
As will we.

God, my God, bless these your children.

written by Linda Miller Raff


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