Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunday , May 20, 2012
Noon to 2pm including lunch
FBC Great Hall and Fellowship Hall

Joy & Help for babies in Haiti & the world

• To make and supply 300 birthing kits for Traditional Birthing Attendants, Petit-Goave Haiti (one month supply)
• To support the 1000 Days Campaign: Pregnancy – 2yrs Health & Nutrition for children and their mothers

Want to Get a Gift for Global Babies? 
Bring multiples of any of these Birthing Kit Supplies:
• 1 plastic drop cloth
• 2 pair disposable gloves (med. latex free)
• 3 pieces kite string (12”) in a small Ziploc & 1 box gallon Ziplocs
• a single edge razor blade inside an empty pill bottle
• 2 4’X4” gauze pads, 2 disposable incontinence pads, used on top of sheets (23” X 36”)
• 1 roll of medical tape (1” wide)
• Simple infant T shirt or Onesie

The 1000 day window of opportunity between pregnancy and two years of age …is the time when a child’s cognition, intellectual and physical development is most at risk. A healthy 1000 days changes the course of a child’s life and significantly benefits communities and even countries. 


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