Saturday, December 24, 2011

 There was a time when our neighborhood was awash at night with Christmas lights. My son had to close his curtains to get to sleep. I could not compete with this splendor, and be assured, it was a competition. I didn't have the time, money or inclination to join the lights race. What to do? 

I decided to leave my neighbors to decorate the night, and I would take the day. I would plant a couple flats of deep purple pansies. I hung bulbs from the braches of the trees in the front yard. I added bells of all sorts. I found giant ornaments and added those to the mix. Lots of Christmas cheer during the day at my house. 

Not everyone welcomes Christmas in the same way. We all wait in different ways. Some people get very busy and do a lot. Some sit quietly, patiently waiting the arrival. It’s not how you wait, but the waiting itself that is important. Be present to each moment of anticipation. Christ is coming. Christ is coming indeed!

Murphy McBride teaches the two-year-old class at FBC.


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