Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bob Devlin was the original One-Man Band of Washington DC according to a tribute written by Peter McCory.  McCory writes:
An institution in the area for over 20 years, he often entertained busy lunchtime crowds on the streets of D.C. with his happy tunes. Later he played for many prominent Washingtonians at such noted places as the National Theatre, Wolf Trap, the Kennedy Center and the White House.
But it was his love of children that first inspired me.
 Devlin regularly entertained children at a Christmas arts and crafts fare where McCory was inspired to create his own One-man Band for Kids and Families.

The start of school brings the start of choirs for children and youth at First Baptist.  The start of choirs brings the sorting  and organizing of great ideas for teaching and of songs for singing.  Bob Devlin's song, "When The Rain Comes Down" was among the treasures "re-found". 
When the rain comes down, It comes down on everyone.
When the rain comes down, It comes down on every one.
(chorus) No matter if you're rich or poor, No matter if you're great or small, When the rain comes down, It comes down on us all.
Further verses:
When the sun shines, down, It shines down on everyone.
When a flower blooms, it's blooming for everyone.
When a baby smiles, It's smiling for everyone.
(Transcribed from the recording "When the Rain Comes Down"as sung by Cathy Fink, words and music by Bob Devlin, Rounder Records 1, Camp Street, Cambridge, MA  02140)

Faith-based choirs not only offer opportunities to teach children musical concepts, they offer opportunities to teach spiritual and theological concepts.  Think back to the songs you learned as a young child.  Can't you sing them still? 

In her address to the NPM Children's Convention, Helen Kemp, an internationally know specialist in the area of training young voices, states that texts linked to melody and rhythm are easily learned and long remembered.  

Offer your children the opportunity to sing the great songs of your faith and to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs so that they can sing and make melody to the Lord in their hearts.

Enroll your child in a church choir. 

At First Baptist, choirs for 3 yr olds to 5th graders are on Wednesdays at 5pm.  Choirs for students in  middle school and high school are Sunday at 12:30, beginning with lunch.



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