Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There is a wall hanging up on the third floor of First Baptist that displays the work of an amazing member of the FBC Austin community, Sara Landes.  Sara has spear headed the FBC mission, Los Amigos de Juarez, since 1978.  Most Wednesdays, she can be found on the third floor of the church as she lovingly sorts donations that will eventually fill a trailer full of goods that will be donated to the work of Dr. Marco Samaniego and the Hands of Luke Medical Ministry.

The start of the school year finds Sara sorting donated school supplies.  Each year as teachers clean out their rooms, usable school supplies are frequently thrown away.  Sara now receives donations from ten elementary schools which she then redistributes to the schools FBC supports:  Oak Springs Elementary and Overton Elementary (named for long-time member of FBC, Volma Overton).  One young middle school teacher  was given supplies for her geography students that are not able to afford school supplies.

Pictured on the wall  are Sara's granddaughter and her friends.  Sara collects clothes for the residents of Maggie Johnson Nursing Center.  Once a month there is a program for the residents, perhaps a style show.  Sara's granddaughter organized a group of friends and her brothers to act out a story as it is read to the residents. Sara also has shared the many donations of clothes that appear at her front door with the gentleman that provides security for the church on Wednesday nights.

Sara even has a car wash ministry.  Near her home is a car wash.  One cold, wet day, she realized that the employees needed warm, dry socks.  She also drops off fruit and other snacks as many of the employees do not have the funds for lunch.  Sara sees need and stops,  where most of us just drive on by.

There are many businesses that give donations to Sara such as The Dollar Store.  Sara says, although it's hard to ask for things for herself, she never minds asking for donations for the Lord's work.

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