Friday, July 9, 2010

It is not the church of God that has a mission. It is the mission of God that has a church. - Rowan Williams

God has always and is always inviting us to join Him in this mission of reconciling the world.
It is this mission of God that has shaped and continues to shape the life of First Baptist.
God’s passion for Austin and Texas is made partly visible through the prayers, work, and life of our community. While many members of FBC serve their community through their vocations and other relationships, as a congregation we have joined in other unique ways of serving Austin. 

Through our Partners in Education program you can spend one hour a week sitting with and listening to a student at Oaks Springs and/or Overton Elementary. Through Mobile Loaves and Fishes, you can join a team and once a month prepare and serve food to the hungry. Every quarter on the fourth floor of our church we house homeless families through the Interfaith Hospitality Network. And through a long lasting partnership in El Paso, we travel to the furthest point West in Texas and serve inner city children and families as well as partner with a missionary to Juarez. You can inquire or join any of these missions.

Please pray for the Border Mission team as we travel to El Paso July 11th-16th to provide Vacation Bible School, women’s Bible studies, and health clinics to inner city families. Those going to El Paso are Sarah Landes, Ginger & George Craddock, Dana Chiodo, Genie, Meredith, Clayton, Travis Norris, Dee Navaro, Benjamin Barr, Hannah Grounds, Thomas Adkins, Jez Atkison, Marshall Stewart, Chloe Spears, Doug Keenan, and Joe Bumbulis.


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