Thursday, June 10, 2010

After presenting the classic views of atonement last week, Amy Wiles introduced the perspective of liberation theology. Rather than seeing the death of Christ as necessary, liberation theology sees the cross as inevitable. Both views have strengths and weaknesses to be discussed as we continue looking at the question "Who is Jesus and How does He save us?"

We also shared these joys and concerns:

for those who celebrate new life... Brad and Ginger announce the coming of their baby girl, Annajean. They will travel to China in the next few months to be united with their daughter.

for those who are celebrating a birthday…
Mr. James W Morris (6/5)
Mrs. Edna Bell (6/17)
Mr. Hal Starkey (6/19)
Mr. JW Fletcher (6/26)

for those who have our sympathy...Stewart Norman and Debby Alexander, Sue Thompson, Carolina and Travis Norman on the death of their son and brother, Jonathan Norman
Mark Simpson, Jr (Ginger Craddock's son's friend) on the death of his father

for those in the hospital...

for those who need our special prayers...

Jeanie, Nancy,Donna,  Jim, Nell, Kay, Tom and Ola Mae, Susan, Scott, Bethany, Hal, Elizabeth, Les (a husband), Matt (a friend),  Curtis (a cousin),  James (a brother), Mary (a co-worker), Dominic (a  friend), Stephen (a brother), Ray Lee (a father), James  (a cousin), Donnie  (an uncle), Ann (a grandmother), Pat( a mother), Roy and Sandy (a brother and sister-in-law), Steve  (a son-in-law), Susan (a  friend), Holland (a father), James (a brother), Gail (a sister), Sallye  (a cousin), Alice Ann (a friend), Bobby  (a brother), Frances (a mother), Drew (a grandson), Bobby (a brother).

Boone Planta Water Project in Honduras


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