Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amy Wiles will serve FBC as an intern this summer as she continues her education at Austin Prebyterian Seminary. She will be leading our Midweek Moorings during the month of June looking at the question "Who is Jesus and How does He save us?

Blessings, Doug

We also prayed for these concerns:

for those who have our sympathy...the family of Jonathan Norman
the Tucker family on the death of their son (friends of John Spratlin)

for those in the hospital...
Edna, Clifton 

for those who need our special prayers . . .

Blake, Jeanie, Nancy,Donna,  Jim, Nell, Kay, Tom and Ola Mae, Susan, Scott, Bethany, Hal, Elizabeth, Curtis (a cousin),  James (a brother), Mary (a co-worker), Dominic (a  friend), Stephen (a brother), Ray Lee (a father), James  (a cousin), Donnie  (an uncle), Ann (a grandmother), Pat( a mother), Roy and Sandy (a brother and sister-in-law), Steve  (a son-in-law), Susan (a  friend), Holland (a father), James (a brother), Gail (a sister), Sallye  (a cousin), Alice Ann (a friend), Bobby  (a brother), Frances (a mother), Drew (a grandson), Bobby (a brother).

for those who are celebrating a birthday…
Mr. James W Morris (6/5)
Mrs. Edna Bell (6/17)
Mr. Hal Starkey (6/19)
Mr. JW Fletcher (6/26)

for those serving in the mission field...
2 Emily Morrow, 1990, daughter, Frank and Karen Morrow, Texas
7 Kiersten Glenn, 2006, daughter, Aaron and Stephanie Glenn, California
7 Diann Whisand, urban work, Seattle, WA
8 Janice Newell, work with Albanian/Balkan peoples, Greece
8 Kyle Smith, 1989, son, Greg and Sue Smith, Virginia
9 Michelle Cayard, strategy coordinator and teacher, China
10 Kim Wyatt, work with internationals, Canada
14 _________, unevangelized group, Middle East


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