Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is the concept of the Trinity important for theological understanding? How does our understanding of the Trinity influence our daily Christian experience?  Ann Pittman explored these ideas along with a survey of Christian history tonight in our MidWeek Moorings.

We also prayed for these concerns:

for those who have our sympathy...
Bill  on the death of his wife, Russell

for those in the hospital...Donna, Edna , Drew , Clifton

for those who need our special prayers:

Blake, Jeanie, Nancy, Jim, Nell, Kay, Tom and Ola Mae, Susan, Scott, Bethany,  James (a brother), Mary (a co-worker), Dominic (a  friend), Stephen (a brother), Ray Lee (a father), James  (a cousin), Donnie  (an uncle), Ann (a grandmother), Pat( a mother), Roy and Sandy (a brother and sister-in-law), Steve  (a son-in-law), Susan (a  friend), Holland (a father), James (a brother), Gail (a sister), Sallye  (a cousin), Alice Ann (a friend), Bobby  (a brother), Frances (a mother).

The Boone Planta Water Project

for those who are celebrating a birthday

Mrs. Doris Prather (5/8)
Mrs. Golda Huston (5/10)
Mrs. Susan York (5/13)
Mrs Betty Durbin (5/13)
Mrs. Tiny Blake (5/18)
Mrs. Ola Mae Martin (5/30)


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