Thursday, February 4, 2010

The following prayer requests are from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) field personnel who are being the presence of Christ around the world. As a “prayer associate” committed to praying for CBF missions and ministries on a regular basis, you are a partner, colleague, and companion.  If you need to contact them, you may do so at (770) 220-1600. Additional prayer requests are available on the monthly Prayer Associates e-newsletter. If can receive an e-mail version of the complete list by sending your request to Please provide your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
Nancy & Steve James, medical work, Haiti
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment as we consider how best to apply our time and talents to the continuing relief efforts. Pray for physical and emotional strength for us and others who provide ongoing medical care.
  • Pray for the emotional wounds of the Haitian people that could last longer than the physical injuries. Pray for the thousands of children left orphaned and homeless.
  • Pray for provision of shelter, clothing, food, safe water, and sanitation.
  • Pray for Scott Hunter, one of CBF’s former field personnel, who will join us for the next three months to provide in-country logistical assistance for teams seeking to serve through CBF
From the CBF family

Pray for former field personnel, Jesse Loper, who was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors. After two rounds of chemotherapy, three out of the four tumors have been resolved! Pray for strength during one more round of chemo. Pray that the remaining tumor will respond well to treatment.

Birthdays this Week

4 Thelma Chambers-Young, Oklahoma City, OK (CH)
5 Arley Hughes, Saint Mary’s, GA (CH)
6 Jong B. Jeon, Asia (PMP)
8 John Boyles, Lynchburg, VA (CH); Biju Chacko, Durham, NC (CH)
9 Nathan Cooper, Greenville, SC (CH); Joe Lentz, Erie, PA (CH); Elizabeth Milazzotto, Louisville, KY (PC); Willie Smith, Fredericksburg, VA (CH)
10 Karen Estle, Speedway, IN (CH); Hae Kim, daughter, Philippines (PMP); James Rentz, Spartanburg, SC (PC); Sam Southard, Naples, FL (PC); Cynthia Thomas, Houston, TX (CH)


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