Monday, January 18, 2010

O God of all nations and all peoples, we are grateful for the dreams of freedom, justice and peace that are forever being spun out by Your Spirit and made real in our world by prophets in every age.

Just as we believe in the priesthood of every believer, so do you call us to the prophet-hood of every believer.  Each of us is called to "walk the walk", to examine our own complicities in the world's inequities even though that is unpleasant work.

We are called:

  •  to ease the hate in this world,
  •  to expand the compassion in this world,
  •  to endure in humility,
  •  to risk revolutionary love,
  •  to stand for the oppressed,
  •  to speak up for the forgotten,
  •  to make freedom a reality for every person,
  •  to place a "not for sale" sign on our souls.
So, on his day, we give you thanks for a baptist preacher, a baptist prophet who is no longer with us in the flesh, but whose spirit still burns bright, who to this day brings hope to countless people of all color, and who, to this day, still raises the hackles of many.  We give thanks this day for your imperfect, very human, but courageous, devoted, deeply faithful prophet, Martin Luther King, Jr.  For him and for countless others down the age, whose names are known and unknown, we give thanks . . .for they embodied the dreams of Your Kingdom and quickened the conscience of the human family around the globe.

Let us recommit our selves to the truth of the prophet Amos who declared that one day "justice WILL roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream" . . .that peace will abide in our hearts and in our systems of living, through this land . . .on this earth . . .between brothers and sisters of every race, every nation, every faith, every orientation, every generation, every wounded, wonderful person, all members of your human family.  Keep us courageous and faithful to these dreams of Your Kingdom.

Prayer from worship, January 17, 2009, by Dr. Roger Paynter. Listen to the entire sermon here.


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