Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tonight. is our annual Christmas Eve service, a time of joy, communion, light, expectation and hearing the Great, Glad News, that God has come to us in Christ!

The service begins at 5 p.m. with a joint concert by Sue and Joseph Martin, an annual gift they have shared with the church for many years. I NEVER want to miss this and hope you will invite your friends to this powerful experience of delight! At 5:30, we will transition into our Christmas Eve worship with the baptism of Lori Sanders, followed by the lighting of the Advent Wreath, including the Christ Candle, singing of many hymns, a brief meditation from me, a service of communion and the passing of the light. We will sing Silent Night and Joy to the World and go back into the world with the Good News in our hearts and on our lips, Christ has come to us…Christ has come to all!! Alleluia!!

During the Announcements Sunday, I asked you where you will park because of the size of participation in this service. I then answered with the wonderful news that OUR PARKING GARAGE IS OPEN!! You responded with applause and cheers, the perfect response rejoinder Then I had to tell you that there might be a tiny stumbling block in all of this, that the elevator would likely not be working yet, encouraging the younger among us to park on the higher levels! Now, I am able to say….it’s finished!! The garage is open. The elevator is working! The garage awaits!!

You will pull in from the Trinity entrance which is below the surface parking lot (the location for the future Ministry Center) and then, like any other garage, find your place! The metering equipment has not yet arrived, so there will be no tickets, no attendants, just parking.

We will find an appropriate time to dedicate the garage and to honor the countless hours of volunteer work by our extraordinary Building Committee. Until then, when you see a member of the committee, express your gratitude.

Come now, let us give thanks and worship Christ. It’s Christmas!!



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