Monday, August 10, 2009

With our knees on the dirt sorting bright beads; With hot metal roofing in our hands high off the ground;
With dust, wind and even rain washing over us; With big hugs and tiny hands in ours; With laughter,smiling eyes, and even tears; With truth fresh on our lips and we saw awakening joy on the faces of children hearing the Good News for the first time.
We went to sit in the dirt and tell stories of our faith, to hold hands, play games, to improve health, to share love and exercise creativity with children, mommas and grandmas.
We went to give glasses to those with poor sight.
We went to put down a roof, to put up dry wall for a new church nursery.
We went to build a laundry room for Marta who hosts missionaries at Lakeside Mission.
We spent a week as missionaries at the U.S./Mexico Border near El Paso where we learned about wealth and poverty, justice and hope, strength and joy, trust and faith, the power of love, but not from anyone’s words.
We came home remembering how good this Good News really is… Thanks for the adventure!
See pictures from the trip in The Clarion.


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