Friday, February 6, 2009

Emerging church leader, Brian McLaren's newest book purports that Everything Must Change.  At the very heart of this "change" is the fact that our world is ever increasing its connectedness or as NY Times writer Thomas Friedman says, "The World is Flat."  With a shrinking world the Western church is being challenged by the enormous needs of the world.  Globalization has created a culture of new possibilities both harmful and wonderful.

FBC has continually led the way throughout its long history in truly observing the needs of the world and doing something meaningful to bring the Gospel to pain, suffering, and darkness. As we continue to minister and shed light in Austin, Juarez, and surrounding areas, the coming months will present oppurtunities to connect our community in love and justice to global needs. Be in prayer about helping in any capacity with our current mission programs and the following new ones.


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